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The KnowRoaming Sticker works on all unlocked Android phones and iPhones.

It can be applied to all SIM cards, including micro, mini and nano SIM cards.

When you're at home, the sticker is dormant. On arrival abroad, the sticker activates and switches you onto the KnowRoaming platform.


Use the easy to use applicator to apply the KnowRoaming Sticker to your SIM Card.

First remove the SIM card from your smartphone.

Apply the KnowRoaming Sticker to your SIM card.

Reinsert the SIM card into your smartphone.
It's that easy!


Download the KnowRoaming App and follow the steps to register your sticker.


  • Register - Create a KnowRoaming account, the cell phone number you enter during registration will show up when making calls.
  • Receive your calls abroad - This ensures your calls are forwarded to you while abroad.
  • Purchase foreign numbers - You have the option to purchase additoinal numbers for locals to call you on while abroad. KnowRoaming gives every account a US and UK number
  • Top Up - KnowRoaming is prepaid. Your balance never expires. Know exactly what you are spending and saving.
  • Check Rates - Check before hand what charges you should expect.
  • View History and Usage - Monitor your spending and history.
  • Support & Troubleshooting - Go through the help tutorials or request support.


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  • Does my device need to be unlocked in order to use the KnowRoaming sticker?

    Yes, your device needs to be unlocked. Generally you can find this information online or by calling your service provider.

  • What devices are supported?

    We support all unlocked Android and Apple devices.

  • Will the KnowRoaming sticker work on my SIM card?

    The KnowRoaming SIM card works on all sized SIM cards including nano, micro and mini (full-sized) SIMs. As long as your Android/Apple device is unlocked, the KnowRoaming product will work.

  • How much does a KnowRoaming sticker cost?

    Currently the physical KnowRoaming sticker with a disposable applicator costs $35.00 plus shipping and taxes. Should you need a new sticker, we will provide you with a replacement for $25.00 + shipping.

  • Will the sticker work on tablets?

    Yes, KnowRoaming will work on any Android or Apple tablet provided it takes a SIM card.

  • What is your replacement policy?

    Should you need a new sticker, we will provide you with a replacement for $10.00 + shipping.

  • Can I return my sticker?

    At this time, all sales are final. KnowRoaming will issue a full refund for a defective sticker provided you have contacted support before removing the sticker from your SIM card.

  • How does the KnowRoaming sticker work?

    After you apply the KnowRoaming sticker to your SIM card and insert it into your unlocked phone, you have access to reduced talk, text and data rates in over 200 countries. Our smart sticker detects when you are traveling outside your home network (i.e. roaming) and switches you onto the KnowRoaming platform which connects you to a local network. KnowRoaming offers a call forwarding feature - enabling you to receive all your calls to your home cell phone number while abroad. purchasing local numbers from your destination countries so friends, family, and acquaintances that are in your country of travel can dial a local call to reach you.

  • Is it difficult to apply the KnowRoaming sticker to my SIM card?

    Not at all! Your KnowRoaming sticker will come with an applicator that is easy to use and will correctly apply the smart sticker to your SIM card.

  • What if I experience issues abroad?

    We fully trust that our product will work seamlessly, but in the rare occasion that you encounter any problems, support is a free call away using our accompanying iPhone/Android app. Alternatively, thorough and easy to follow troubleshooting guides are available on our website and on the iPhone/Android app.

  • Will the KnowRoaming sticker affect my home cell service?

    No! The KnowRoaming sticker is dormant while in your home country. You are only switched onto the KnowRoaming platform when you arrive abroad.

  • Can I transfer the sticker to another SIM card?

    No, the KnowRoaming sticker will not work once removed from a SIM card. However, you can transfer your same SIM card with the attached sticker to another phone.

  • Will KnowRoaming work on national only SIM cards?

    Yes, KnowRoaming will work on a national only SIM card.

  • What about my calls from my home cell number?

    If a forwarding number is available for your home country, you will receive all your calls that are directed to your home cell number - connecting with friends and family back home will be as easy as if you haven't left! You will need to make sure that you have a call forwarding plan with your home cell carrier prior to travel.

  • Which countries can I purchase a local/forwarding number for?
    • Argentina
    • Australia
    • Austria
    • Bahrain
    • Belgium
    • Brazil
    • Bulgaria
    • Canada
    • Chile
    • Croatia
    • Cyprus
    • Czech Republic
    • Denmark
    • Dominican Republic
    • El Salvador
    • Estonia
    • Finland
    • France
    • Georgia
    • Greece
    • Hong Kong
    • Hungary
    • Ireland
    • Israel
    • Italy
    • Japan
    • Latvia
    • Lithuania
    • Luxembourg
    • Malta
    • Mexico
    • Netherlands
    • New Zealand
    • Norway
    • Panama
    • Peru
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Puerto Rico
    • Romania
    • Singapore
    • Slovakia
    • Slovenia
    • South Africa
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • Switzerland
    • United Kingdom
    • United States
  • What is call back?

    Call back is a calling system that reduces voice calls when traveling. The user makes a call as normal but instead of the call being an outgoing call the call is disconnected when attempted and the user receives an incoming call connecting the user to the desired number. In most destinations customers can use either normal calling or call back.

  • What is call through?

    This is a normal outgoing call. This is available in most destinations.

  • How long do I keep a purchased number for?

    You can keep a purchased number for a minimum of one month and thereafter have the option to auto renew every month.

  • Do I need to purchase a foreign number in a country I travel to?

    No, you do not need to purchase additional numbers. You will still be able to receive and make calls. KnowRoaming gives each account a US & UK number on which you can always be reached on.

  • What happens if a local forwarding number is not available?

    If a forwarding number is NOT available then you will not be able to receive your home cell calls abroad. You will still be able to be reached on other purchased numbers as well as the free US & UK numbers associated with your account.

  • What number shows up when I call someone abroad?

    Your home cell number that you enter during registration shows up when making calls.

  • Can I get my voicemail while traveling?

    Yes, KnowRoaming offers a voicemail service.

  • Will iMessage work while on the KnowRoaming platform?

    Yes, iMessage will work but only with your email address.

  • Can I use KnowRoaming for data and my normal cell provider for voice and vice versa?

    No, unfortunately you will only be able to access services from one provider at a time.

  • Can I check what the rates will cost before I use the service?

    Definitely! You can check what the talk, text, and data rates will be on this website. Alternatively, you can check the rates on our accompanying iPhone/ Android app - there are no surprises.

    Click here to see the rates.

  • Are there bundled roaming packages offered?

    At this time we do not offer bundled packages. If you are a corporate customer please reach out to the KnowRoaming team for a customized solution.

  • Will I ever get an unexpected roaming bill from you?

    Absolutely not, KnowRoaming is a prepaid service.

  • How do I unlock my device?
    • United States


      • Must be a current or former AT&T customer
      • Device must be designed for use on AT&T network
      • Device must be paid for in full
      • Device was not reported lost or stolen
      • Current customers are allowed up to 5 unlocks per account per year
      • Former customers are allowed a total of 5 device unlocks per former account


      Additional Info

      • Takes approximately 1-5 business days
      Sprint Corporation


      • Phone needs to be capable of international roaming
      • Account must not have an account spending limit
      • Phone must be active on current number for 90+ days
      • One unlocked device per subscriber


      • Contact international department through Live Chat
      • OR call 888-226-7212
      T-Mobile US


      • Must be an active or former customer
      • Device not reported lost, stolen, or blocked
      • Device must have been purchased from T-Mobile or an authorized dealer and activated on T-Mobile service
      • Account is in good standing
      • Device is paid for in full
      • Postpaid: service must be active for more than 40 consecutive days, customer must not have requested a code in the last 90 days
      • 2-year contract: at least 18 consecutive months have been paid for or migration fee was paid for device
      • Prepaid: device must have had more than $50 in total refills
      • Former customer: account balance is zero, did not port out a line associate with device during buyer's remorse period


      • Contact T-Mobile Customer Care
      Verizon Wireless


      • Account must have been active and in good standing for 60+ days


      • Contact Verizon customer service
    • Canada
      Telus Mobility


      • Device must be compatible (please reference source link)
      • Device must have been on TELUS network for 90+ days
      • Account is up to date and in good standing


      • $35 fee will be applied to TELUS account


      • Call TELUS Support to obtain unlock code
      Rogers Wireless


      • Device must have been active for at least 90 days
      • OR device was purchased at the no-term price


      • $50 fee (plus tax)


      • Contact Rogers remotely or go to a retail/dealer store
      Bell Mobility


      • Subsidized phone: at least 90 days into term
      • Prepaid, outright, or Bell employee accounts: can unlock immediately
      • Credit limit or restriction on account (i.e. paid deposit or existing spending cap): at least 90 days into term regardless how how phone was purchased
      • Tablets cannot be unlocked


      • No credit limit or restrictions on account: $50 fee
      • Credit limit or restrictions on account: $150 fee


      • Contact customer service
      Fido Solutions


      • Rebate with contract: device must have been registered in account for more than 90 days
      • No rebate with contract: device must be registered in account


      • $50 fee (plus tax)


      • Visit a Fido store or contact customer service
      SaskTel Mobility


      • Must be a SaskTel customer


      • $50 fee (plus tax)


      • Visit a SaskTel Store or Authorized Cellular Dealer, or call 1-800-SASKTEL to obtain unlock code
      • For more thorough step by step instructions please reference source link below
      Wind Mobile


      • Service must be active
      • Start date must be earlier than 6 months/ 180 days from today


      • $10 fee


      • Call 611 or 1877-WIND-184
      MTS Mobility


      • Not available for prepaid devices
      • Available for some SIM-based postpaid phones (please reference source link below)
      • Account must be in good standing


      • $50 fee


    • United kingdom


      • Current customer with account for at least six months
      • IMEI must not be blacklisted (EE will confirm)
      • Monthly paying customers must have an account balance of zero €“ everything needs to be paid up to date


      • £20.42 fee


      • Complete request form (see source link below)

      Additional Info

      • Takes up to 20 days


      • Monthly and Business customers: can unlock at any time
      • Pay&Go customers: can unlock 12 months after purchase


      • Monthly and Business customers: no fee
      • Pay&Go customers: £15


      Additional info

      • iPhone users will be notified via text when their phone is unlocked
      • Otherwise O2 will respond via email in 7 days with instructions
      • Non-iPhone source
      • iPhone source
      Vodafone UK


      • must be a Pay Monthy or Small Business customer
      • IMEI cannot be blacklisted


      • £19.99 for small business customers (unless plan is over) and pay-monthly customers (unless plan has been active for over a year)


      • Complete request form (please see source link below)


      • Pay Monthly customers: need to be at least 30 days into contract and have first bill paid (unless customer just upgraded plan)
      • Customers without Three account: must purchase a Three Pay As You Go SIM card


      • £15.53 fee


      • Complete request form (please see source link below)

      Additional info

      • May take up to 7 days
    • Australia
      Telstra Mobile


      • Postpaid iPhone: use web app
      • Prepaid iPhone: call 125 8880
      • iPhone with business plan: call 132 000
      • Other prepaid devices:Call 1300 720 179 for unlocking centre direct and provide IMEI code


      • Possible fee of $50, $100, or $150

      Additional info

      • Devices purchased with postpaid service may already be unlocked
      Source for prepaid devices
      Optus Mobile

      Prepaid iPhone/BlackBerry

      • If service has been recharged to a minimum of $80 then there is no fee, otherwise there is an $80 fee

      Other Prepaid devices

      • Purchased before September 3, 2012: no fee
      • Purchased on or after September 3, 2012: service continuously active for less than 6 months - $80 fee. Service continuously active for more than 6 months - $25 fee

      Postpaid iPhone/BlackBerry/MotoBlur

      • No fee

      Other postpaid devices

      • Should be unlocked when purchased


      • Prepaid iPhone: call Optus and provide IMEI number and mobile phone number
      • Other prepaid devices and postpaid iPhone/BlackBerry/MotoBlur: complete request form (see source link below) and pay fee online with credit card (if applicable)


      • Can only unlock phones supplied by Vodafone Australia



      • Less than 6 months (customer care: $100, unlocking tool: $75)
      • More than 6 months (customer care: $50, unlocking tool: $25)
    • South Africa

      All phones are unlocked

    • All Other Countries

      Please contact your mobile service provider to find out what their unlocking policy is.



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