Tell us: Where should we lower our rates?

At KnowRoaming, we’re constantly improving our pay-as-you-go data and calling rates. Now we’re asking you: where would you most like to see a rate drop?

We know how roaming charges can stack up for frequent travellers, and lead to hefty phone bills when you return home. When KnowRoaming began, we wanted to provide a convenient, transparent way to roam all over the world, and our affordable pay-as-you-go-rates are a big part of that. We’re always working to secure better and better rates for our customers, and this summer we hope to make it even more affordable to stay connected while traveling the world with your smartphone.

Traveling to Costa Rica this summer? Looking to do a lot of business in Taipei? Tells us where a decrease in roaming rates would make the biggest difference. Leave a comment, visit our Facebook page, or tweet us @KnowRoaming with #roamingsummer

2 Replies to “Tell us: Where should we lower our rates?”

  1. bethany


    please lower your rates in Canada!

    I find it surprising that a Canadian company doesn’t offer unlimited data plans in it’s own country!!
    I do realize that Data is more expensive in Canada (sorry!), but Roger’s offers day-passes on international roaming data for very little… can you contract with them?

    When I’m in Montreal (every other weekend to visit my partner.. I live across the border in NY state, 2.5 hours away), I’ve noticed that my coverage typically comes from Rogers and Telus.

    don’t get me wrong- I LOVE the service and am very happy… but it’d be nice if Canada had the same benefits as other countries. 😉

  2. Graham


    The big Grey bit on the middle called Africa certainly needs some work. I would have thought you could do a deal with MTN to cover a lot of that

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