From the flight deck: Pilots review KnowRoaming

Pilots lead busy lives that require staying connected at all times. From staying in touch with family and friends to making hotel arrangements and checking their flight schedules, they certainly don’t have the time to be tracking down local SIM cards. They require the ease and convenience our Global SIM Sticker and SIM Card provide.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read what pilots around the world have to say about KnowRoaming.


Sebastien, Air Canada Pilot:

“Ever since I’ve been using KnowRoaming, it has changed the way I stay connected when traveling: no more missed calls, no more hunting for free Wi-Fi hotspots and no more scary monthly bills. I just use my phone when I want to, where I want to. I recommend it to everyone.”


Maria P, RyanAir Pilot:

“I used to travel around with 8 SIM cards (no joke)!! I was contacted by KnowRoaming to try their roaming sticker and I couldn’t be happier with it! I’m now able to get roaming anywhere! If you’re like me and can’t live without your phone, give it a try!” View @PilotMaria’s Instagram post


André, Emirates Airlines Pilot:

“I’m an airline pilot and on average I do six trips per month, and we only have international routes. I have been “world-testing” my KnowRoaming and I’m ecstatic about the result! It’s (almost) idiot-proof, and the rates are amazing.”


Julian, South African Airways Pilot:

“Cell phone coverage has been fantastic and every country I’ve been to in the last year has me covered. Gone are the days for the need to carry packs of local SIM cards for every destination. The ability to receive calls on my local home cell number via the KnowRoaming sticker anywhere in the world is a huge benefit.

“Their app keeps me up to date on my spending habits and shows me the latest call/data rates for every country. No more nasty surprises on my cell phone account with exorbitant roaming charges. My bill has dropped by 90%!

“The best part of KnowRoaming is that it’s all prepaid. NO contracts. So give it a try.”


Maria F, B737 Pilot:

“Being a pilot means travelling to many new places all the time, but even when I have my month off from work, I can’t stop exploring new places! … I’m using the KnowRoaming Global SIM card to help me stay connected, and making sure I share my adventures.” View @MariaThePilot’s post on Instagram


Jordan, Canadian Airline Pilot:

“Data connection is seamless and very impressive when it comes to speed….The convenience of being able to top up your credits on the fly with your credit card, or have it automatically topped up below $25 means you’re never going to be left in the lurch and calling your mobile company at 3am via VOIP (or haggling at that same freaking corner shop again).

“[KnowRoaming] is a slick little service that allows you to travel with impunity, freedom and that feeling that we professional travellers all crave—being ‘at home’ with your feet up on the couch looking at cat photos. Even if you’re a thousand miles away.”


It’s our pleasure to help pilots and flight crew stay connected around the world. If you work for an airline, contact us to learn if your company has a special KnowRoaming offer available. Email [email protected] to learn more.

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17 Replies to “From the flight deck: Pilots review KnowRoaming”

  1. Mike


    I haven’t even bought one yet but I have asked support so many questions and received such good and prompt replies that I am definitely going to. If the quality of the service is as good as the quality of support this product beats the competition hands down.

    1. Frances


      Me too I agree with you Mike

  2. Alicia


    Can ut be used on a mobile phone from singapore as im travelling to the usa in nov

    1. KnowRoaming (Post author)


      Hi Alicia, as long as your phone is unlocked you can use our Global SIM Sticker to stay connected when you travel. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions! Our support team is available 24/7 at [email protected].

  3. John Joseph


    For all you people considering this Product, I would highly recommend it as I have been using this SIM sticker for well over a year now! Awesome connectivity all over Europe ( that’s where my work takes me ! ). Don’t know of any other product that functions like this. Good Job Know roaming!

  4. Wendy chow


    My sim card is not working. So I need to change a new one. If I buy a new knowroming sticker can I use the same account as before?

    1. KnowRoaming


      Hi Wendy, you can order a replacement Sticker at http://www.knowroaming.com/order. You will need to create a new account but contact our 24/7 support team at [email protected] and they can transfer over any remaining credit.

  5. Alpheus Gweba


    Hi there

    What are the benefits of having the Knowroaming sim card if you are not a global traveler? Is the sim strictly for travelers?

    Can the sim card take multiple local (within country) mobile numbers? Does the SIM card remove the need to have dual SIM card phones, or two phones for that matter?

    If the answer is YES to majority of my question then I need that SIM card, like yesterday already.

    1. KnowRoaming


      Hi Alpheus,
      Thank you for reaching out! You can use the Global SIM Card in any of the 200 countries and territories we offer coverage.
      Yes, you may subscribe to multiple local numbers within the same country.
      With a dual-SIM card phone, you have your Home SIM and the KnowRoaming SIM Card together on the phone without the need to taking one SIM out and putting in the other. However, it is ideal to have the KnowRoaming SIM Card for a dual device rather than our KnowRoaming SIM Sticker.

      Hope this answers your question!

  6. Sharon Lim


    Hi, I’m Sharon from Singapore. I am travelling to Okinawa, Israel and Taiwan from Jun-Dec. How would the product help me? And does the sticker delivers to Singapore? Can it be placed into a Wi-Fi huawei router to share the Wi-Fi w my friends? Just trying to find out more as in Singapore, we have Changi Wi-Fi router which is $5-10/day and shares up to 6 mobile device (either single/multi countries) – Wi-Fi only without voice. So I am trying to find out as your product comes w voice.

    1. KnowRoaming


      Hi Sharon, we do ship to Singapore. We do provide voice and data rates, to make calls with KnowRoaming you would have to insert our Global SIM Card into your phone. You are able to insert our Global SIM Card into other routers as long as the router allows you to enter our KnowRoaming APN to set up data.

  7. Linda Croushore


    We will be in Australia for four Months. Our rented house does not have Wifi. I need a SIM card with a hotspot so we have use of our laptop for paying bills at home, etc. will this product serve that purpose? Will I still pay per minute and have data limits?

    1. KnowRoaming


      Hi Linda, our Global Hotspot is not yet available for consumers. Are you just looking to purchase a Global SIM Card? We don’t recommend using our SIM Card in other hotspot devices as we cannot provide support if you encounter issues. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our 24/7 Support Team at [email protected].

  8. Elisa Mackey


    Will it work in UAE and Ghana?

    1. KnowRoaming


      Hi Elisa, yes, we offer Unlimited Data packages in the UAE and Ghana. For a full list of where we offer rates, please visit http://www.knowroaming.com.

  9. Grace


    Hi I am having issues with my SIM Card sticker. How much does it cost for replacement?

    1. KnowRoaming


      Hi Grace, you can purchase a replacement Sticker at http://www.knowroaming.com/order. If you need any assistance with your Sticker, our 24/7 Support Team is happy to help at [email protected].

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