What is ecotourism? How sustainable travel benefits you and your next destination.

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Ecotourism is responsible travel to locations that conserve the environment, are naturally sourced, sustain the well-being of locals, and are educational. An ecotourist strives to explore the world with as little social, cultural or environmental impact as possible. Practicing ecotourism will encourage you to further interact with your surroundings and locals, which will in turn offer a more rich and authentic travel experience!

Not sure where to begin? We’ve listed our three favourite ecotourism destinations for you!

Experience of a Lifetime – EcoCamp, Patagonia 

The world’s first dome hotel is an award-winning, sustainable ‘hotel’ located in Torres del Paine National Park. Their programs offer hiking, multi-sport excursions, and wildlife interaction. What’s more exciting than the experience is the green, fair, and cultural preservation practices. EcoCamp boasts their use of renewable energy, sustainable practices, green certifications, local staff and products, investments in green projects, and more!

Responsible Luxury – Gili Eco Villas, Indonesia

This beachfront boutique villa off the coast of Lombok offers a tropic island life experience like no other. As an eco-friendly property, they have implemented a bio-degradable waste-water treatment system, minimal plastic usage and garbage recycling. Each villa is made from salvaged teak, and their food is as local as the organic garden located on the grounds! 

For Thrill Seekers – Carezza Climate Ski Resort, Italy

Enjoy winter sports like never before, knowing your adventure is eco friendly! Carezza understands that a landscape like the Dolomites must be protected, and is part of the 2025 Climate Neutrality Alliance. Their goal is to achieve a neutral carbon footprint within just three years. Spend a night or two in a nearby town, meeting locals and enjoying food from local shops to support the community.

As you can see, there is an eco adventure out there for everyone! If you still aren’t ready to transition to ecotourism, let us remind you of the main benefits for everyone involved.

  • Provide sustainable income for local communities
  • Support further environmental research and development
  • Experience new things and connect with nature like never before
  • Increase your own environmental awareness by experiencing sustainable practices first hand
  • Support natural resource management
  • Encourages more involvement with the community and environment

Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs in our ecotourism series so you can plan and prepare for your best ecotourism trip yet! In the meantime, travel (or chill) with confidence that you can stay connected to reliable 3G, 4G, and LTE coverage around the world. The great thing about eSIM? You simply scan a QR code to get started, meaning there is no plastic or shipping involved!

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