NOTE: As a result of Covid-19, your delivery might experience a delay. This may also include additional courier delays beyond our control.

If your address is locally recognized using Chinese characters, we request that you provide your phone number and shipping address in Chinese, and your billing address in English. This is required for all orders of physical items such as SIM cards, Stickers, or replacements.

如果您的地址是中国地址,我们要求您提供中文的电话号码和收货地址,以及英文的账单地址。所有的实体商品如SIM卡、贴纸或替换品的订单都需要这样做。这样我们就可以保持准确的客户记录,也可以确保发货到正确的地址 (账单地址就是信用卡持有人申请办理信用卡时填写的账单寄送地址)

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