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4 startups changing the way you travel with money

What is one thing, beyond a passport, that everyone takes with them when they travel? Obviously, it’s money. Even though moolah is essential when traveling, it’s a pain to exchange, transfer, and handle.

We’ve gathered four fintech (financial technology) startups that have developed innovative solutions to make travelers’ lives easier, from sending money to spending money abroad. Check them out below!

3 easy ways to give back while traveling

It’s a privilege to travel the world. Whether you’re traveling only once this year, or 100 times, there are many ways you can be more than a vacationer or business traveler. You can pay it forward and leave the place a little bit better than when you arrived.
We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite organizations that help travelers give back. Check them out below.

What Is Roaming?

Roaming is what happens when your phone connects to another carrier’s cell service. You may have noticed another carrier provider’s name pop up on your phone when you’ve left your home country. That is international roaming. It sounds simple, but it can be costly. With the amount of horror stories of high cellphone bills from unexpected […]

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