14 Best Family-friendly Holiday Activities in the US

March 13, 2024

Family-friendly Holiday Activities in the US

Everyone loves to travel. However, planning a family vacation is not always that easy, as some destinations may not suit everyone. However, don't let that stop you from planning a trip to the US. Kid-friendly vacations are easy to find, and the destinations can be fun for the whole family. From the fun-filled amusement parks of California and Florida to the diverse natural attractions in every state, check out this hand-picked list of the top family-friendly things to do in the US if you're looking for an inexpensive vacation.

1. Disney World, Florida

This is the happiest spot on earth to take your kids, too. The Magic Kingdom is one of the top US theme parks for kids to learn, play, and have fun. It is known for its rollercoasters, but its shows and character greetings leave a lasting impression on kids. Space Mountain, Frontierland, and Disney cuisine. Everything here is designed for fun, regardless of age. Magic Kingdom is one of the most kid-friendly places in the US, from Cinderella's castle to the nightly fireworks spectacular.

2. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is a famous outdoor family vacation spot. Hiking is great for family bonding, and kids love seeing Old Faithful erupt. Walk the Grand Prismatic Overlook Trail to see its namesake natural wonder or the Mystic Falls Trail to see the Upper Geyser Basin. To assure animal interactions, watch for bison or visit the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center.

3. Grand Canyon National Park

This Arizona national park is popular worldwide, and the whole family will be entertained. Many beautiful vistas, rest and snack breaks, and miles of safe pathways make this a family-friendly destination. Try a modest hike, a mule ride along the North Rim, the Grand Canyon West Skywalk, rafting the Colorado River, or the Grand Canyon Railway. Joining a junior ranger program lets kids explore the park's history, unique plants, animals, and rocks.

4. San Diego

San Diego's 70 miles of beach offer sandy enjoyment. Mission Beach, Coronado Central Beach, and La Jolla Shores are great for families due to gentle waves and minimal crowds. After surfing, visit the world-famous San Diego Zoo, Birch Aquarium at Scripps, or San Diego Zoo Safari Park for family-friendly animal interactions. Additionally, Balboa Park has 1,200 acres of lush greenery and informative attractions, including the San Diego Air & Space Museum and Fleet Science Center.

5. Outer Banks

The Outer Banks are an affordable barrier island chain off the coast of North Carolina. Indulge in a peaceful week-long excursion or spend longer exploring the numerous state parks and beaches. Popular destinations include the breathtaking Cape Hatteras National Seashore and the tallest living sand dune on the Atlantic coast, Jockey's Ridge State Park. In addition, Roanoke Island's North Carolina Aquarium is a great place for kids to visit.

6. Niagara, New York

Show your kids Niagara Falls' beauty. There are various family-friendly activities besides taking photos on the viewing deck. For the best water park experience, choose the Cave of the Winds Tour. The Maid of the Mist boat trip takes you directly to the falls for an unforgettable experience. Old Falls Street is another three-block gem. Eat at some of the best restaurants, with menus for every family.

7. Williamsburg, Virginia

Colonial Williamsburg is a great spot for families to relax and learn about history. The area has many historical sites, bars, and art institutions. Kids can pretend to join the army and experience soldierhood. At the Benjamin Powell House, they can play creative colonial games. After the touring history, the whole family can have fun with go-karts and movies at Busch Gardens.

8. Hershey, Pennsylvania

Hershey Park is a huge family fun spot with over 70 rides and attractions, including 16 water rides. You can discover your own magic even if rollercoasters aren't your thing. Everyone in your party will enjoy a dozen food outlets and numerous artistic activities. No location is better for screaming excitement, daring adventures, and splash-making fun than Hershey Park.

9. Carlsbad, California

LEGOLAND Resort, Carlsbad, California, lets you create adventures. Vacationers would enjoy this engaging attraction, from rides to shopping to Lego. LEGOLAND surprises and offers more than expected. See Lego Ninjago: 4D or Story Brook. Explore the rollercoasters, water rides, and architectural genius.

10. Houston, Texas

A trip to the Houston Space Center is sure to be a memorable outing for the whole family. Everything, to infinity and beyond, finds a home there. Step into some of the most incredible exhibits for an entertaining and instructive adventure. Title attractions at this destination include the Starship Gallery, Independence Plaza, and the Artemis Exhibit, among others. Every time this Houston treasure undergoes renovations, updates, and changes, it's like discovering a whole new universe of excitement.

11. Merritt Island, Florida

One of the best places on Earth to investigate the universe's mysteries is the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It's perfect for families with kids because there are lots of interactive displays that will hold their attention. Exhibits encapsulate some of the most remarkable scientific achievements, taking visitors on a journey through time and space. Take the kids to the IMAX cinema and shuttle simulators for an extraterrestrial adventure they won't soon forget.

12. Keystone, South Dakota

Just being amazed is enough to make a family vacation to Mount Rushmore worthwhile. Perched precariously on the edge of the horizon, these carved mountain faces have rich historical value both in and around the park. Kids will have a blast here because there are plenty of areas to run about, play, and discover; there are even some fantastic treks that will keep them active for hours.

13. Washington, D.C.

The National Mall, a huge park spanning 146 acres, is a favored destination for families with children. This walkway is home to numerous attractions, including monuments, statues, and more, many of which have great historical significance. Stop at landmarks like the Lincoln and Washington monuments. The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History are just two of the many free attractions, world-famous landmarks, and family-friendly museums that can be found on the National Mall, making it an ideal destination for families visiting Washington. Smithsonian Institution's National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute is an absolute must-visit in addition to the mall.

14. New York City, New York

It should be no wonder that the Statue of Liberty, being one of the most famous and frequented American icons, is also a fantastic destination to bring children to. There are a variety of ways to enjoy this trip: up close, from a distance, on land, or in the water. As onlookers gawk in awe at the 305-foot sculpture, a ferry ride up close is sure to be a hit. And while you're doing it, make sure to indulge in some mouthwatering New York cuisine for everyone.

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