What to Pack for Italy in the Summer

April 19, 2024

Italy Summer Packing List

All year long, Italy makes for an amazing vacation location. Italy experiences extremely hot summers, with highs of 31°C in central and southern towns like Rome.

Packing for Italy can seem daunting at first, particularly if you're unsure of what items are essential for your trip. The key is to focus on versatility and comfort while keeping the season and local culture in mind.

Whether you're visiting bustling cities or quaint coastal towns, your Italy packing list should include versatile items like shorts and t-shirts, comfortable walking shoes, light layers for changing weather, a hat, and, of course, a good camera to capture the unforgettable moments.

Even though it might not be necessary to wear a jacket during the day, it usually gets much colder once the sun sets. Let’s look at a packing list for a summer vacation in Italy.

What to pack for Italy in summer


As the weather in Italy is generally warm all summer, women should opt for a few dresses. Pack long and short dresses, and don’t forget a few sundresses.

Short-sleeve shirts

Short-sleeve shirts and t-shirts will get you by, and women can add a couple of tank tops.


Shorts for men and women. You’ll likely be outside a lot, as there are so many iconic sites to see in Italy, so staying cool will be a necessity. Linen pants are perfect for the summer. It might be too hot for long pants, but having a pair to wear when you go out for a nice dinner will be a good idea.


Make sure you pack your undergarments, socks, and whatever you might want to wear underneath. You will want one pair of longer socks if you plan on hiking, mountain biking, or anything of the like.

Comfortable shoes

Italy is a place where comfortable walking shoes are a necessity. Many historic sights and must-see locations are within walking distance of one another. For the purpose of seeing as many amazing places as you can, you'll probably find yourself walking miles each day. Include some flip-flops and sandals too.


If you plan on visiting the Italian coast, pack a swimsuit or two. Here, you will need sandals, as the beaches are mostly pebbles and will hurt your bare feet.

Rain jacket or small umbrella

In Italy, the weather can change quickly. Since you never know when it might rain, carrying a small umbrella or rain jacket is a good idea.

Light coat

While you won’t need a winter coat when visiting Italy in summer, it’s a good idea to bring a jacket or cardigan as the evenings tend to be quite chilly.

Sunglasses and hat

A pair of sunglasses or a hat will definitely come in handy.


Basic toiletries like soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, lotions, and whatever else you might need.


Sunscreen is essential to protect your skin while exploring the various sights in Italy, ensuring you enjoy your adventures without the discomfort of sunburn.


If you are prone to headaches or anything similar, bring your preferred painkiller, as well as any chronic medication you use.

Water bottle

Pack a reusable water bottle; since there are freshwater fountains you can fill your bottle with fresh water. You also have to buy a water bottle from a restaurant if you want water with your meal, so having your own that you can just refill will save you some money.


Don't forget a plug adapter or converter so you can charge your electronics. The standard voltage is higher in Italy than, for instance, in the US.


Camera and all the necessary accessories that go with it. A tri-pod would also come in handy.


Laptop, kindle, tablet, and smartphone. Before you leave for Italy, purchase an eSIM package from KnowRoaming. It will save you money on roaming costs, and you will be able to connect to the local network and roam at a fraction of the price of a traditional SIM card. You install the Italy eSIM package before you leave your home country and activate it as soon as you land in Italy. You might benefit from our guide on how eSIMs work. Remember the adapters and chargers you will need for your electronics, as well as your camera.


Passport, ID, travel insurance papers, visas, accommodation booking papers, and whatever else you need to travel to Italy. Keep it in a handy travel bag that is easily accessible, as you will need it at the different airports.

Day bag

We highly recommend carrying a miniature backpack or a day bag of some kind with you. It is quite probable that you will be out and about throughout the entire day; so, rather than bringing your large bag that you most likely traveled with, you will have a little bag that you can use to store only the items that you will require for the day.

For example, sunglasses, a water bottle, a wallet, and so forth. Pickpockets are present everywhere; therefore, you should always be aware of the individuals around you. There is no need to bring a bag that can be easily taken away from you, such as a handbag that is worn over the shoulder.

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