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Buy eSIM Plans

There are many reasons why travelers should consider buying an eSIM, as it offers the best way to stay connected in the modern technological era. Not only are eSIM plans and eSIM packages convenient and readily available, but they are also much more affordable.

An eSIM functions just like a regular SIM card which allows you to connect to mobile services. However, an eSIM offers so much more than a regular SIM card.

With KnowRoaming, you can buy eSIM plans online for over 200 global destinations.

With an eSIM, you can have dual SIM functionality, namely a virtual one and a physical one. With a data only eSIM, you can receive calls and SMS on your primary number and use the eSIM for all your data needs.

The ability to remotely provision an eSIM plan to any participating mobile network is another advantage. The embedded chip can be activated with a new plan, downloaded over the internet and stored as another profile within the eSIM.

There are also a growing number of eSIM plans for sale that provide multi-network services. These eSIM plans work across all networks and offer greater mobile coverage and connectivity.

An eSIM’s ability to connect to multiple mobile networks also makes it a fantastic travel product. While overseas, users of an eSIM can connect to local networks at the touch of a button. By paying local rates, consumers avoid the exorbitant international roaming charges that are normally applied to traditional mobile plans.

Furthermore, an eSIM can be extremely useful while traveling, as it is already embedded inside a device. There is no need for a user to remove their physical SIM card in order to swap it for a local SIM card or exchange it for a travel SIM.

If travel is temporarily off the cards, an eSIM can be a useful addition to your device. Whether you’re using it to enjoy dual SIM functionality or simply to access stronger coverage in your area, now is the time to buy eSIMs.

If you’re still wondering how eSIMs work, read our guide: What is eSIM

An Overview of eSIMs

Digital versions of traditional physical SIM cards are known as eSIMs. Both types share the goal of connecting users to internet services and local phone numbers, but they essentially differ from each other, with virtual cards offering benefits that physical cards do not.

You can activate the built-in eSIM functionality in smartphones by purchasing the appropriate eSIM package and configuring specific phone settings. By using an eSIM, people can travel without changing physical SIM cards and without having to carry a device that can accept two physical SIM cards and manually switch between them.

Furthermore, customers can choose to do away with the requirement for several handsets for every SIM card when they are traveling, which improves convenience and lowers anxiety about having SIM cards stolen.

If a smartphone or any wireless device has an integrated SIM, it is considered eSIM-enabled. To put it another way, not every device is compatible with this technology; thus, before attempting to purchase an eSIM package, it is imperative to confirm whether or not your device supports eSIMs.

On an eSIM-compatible smartphone, you can easily install an eSIM profile or package from eSIM providers like KnowRoaming and buy an eSIM data plan as needed.

How to Choose an eSIM package?

Now that you know about eSIMs, you are all set to stay connected during your next trip abroad. But how do you choose the best eSIM plan for your trip? Here are some aspects to take into consideration:

First, where are you going? Whether you're traveling to one country or several, you can determine the best eSIM plan for your trip. With KnowRoaming, you will have eSIM access to over 200 countries, but you still need to decide whether you need a local, regional, or a global eSIM plan.

Local eSIMs enable you to connect to a single country, such as France or Mexico. A regional eSIM allows you to connect across several countries in a single region, like if you are planning a trip to Europe and visiting Germany, Italy, and Portugal. Buying a European eSIM will make the most sense. With global eSIMs, you can connect across several countries around the world.

Now that you know which type of eSIM package suits your trip, you need to consider how long you'll be abroad. Each KnowRoaming eSIM plan has a validity period that outlines how long you can use the eSIM. Plans can range from seven to thirty days.

Finally, you'll have to decide how much data you need for your trip. KnowRoaming’s eSIM plans come with either 1GB, 3GB, 5GB, or 10GB of data. You also have the option to top up when your data runs low.

How to Buy eSIMs with KnowRoaming?

When you want to buy an eSIM from KnowRoaming:

  • Choose your package based on where you’re going and your specific needs. You will get the ideal solution at transparent prices.
  • After payment, you will receive an email containing a code. To install your eSIM, simply scan it with your smartphone or tablet and follow the installation instructions.
  • Turn on your eSIM as soon as you enter the country you are traveling to, and make it your primary data connection.
  • Connect to the local network by enabling roaming and enjoy connected travel with 24/7/365 support.
  • Why KnowRoaming is among the best eSIM Providers

    The following reasons will clearly show why KnowRoaming is among the best eSIM providers:

    15 years’ experience in the industry.

    Available in 200 countries and regions.

    Solving all travelers’ connectivity problems.

    Saves you money.

    Smart solution to ‘old school’ roaming.

    Pocket-friendly connectivity.

    Instant connection.

    Get fixed-rate data at predictable prices.

    Offers a range of options.

    Hassle-free experience.

    24/7/365 customer support.

    Top coverage from 800+ mobile networks.

    Easy to buy, easy to activate.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I buy an eSIM?
    If you are planning to travel abroad, visit the KnowRoaming website for all your eSIM needs. The support team is available 24/7/365 to assist you with any problems you might experience.

    How can I buy an eSIM online?

    With KnowRoaming you can buy your eSIM online by following four steps:

  • Choose your package
  • Scan the code
  • Switch to eSIM when you arrive at your destination
  • Turn on roaming and connect to the network
  • When should I buy an eSIM for my travel?

    You can buy your eSIM right before you leave, or when you arrive at your destination. It is an easy process that simply requires a stable Internet connection.