Global data eSIM





US $65.50


5 GB


15 Days

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I have read and accepted the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. I also acknowledge that in order for the eSIM to work, my device needs to be eSIM compatible and not locked to any specific network.

eSIM Features:

Step Easy to Top-Up

Easy to Top-Up

Step Mobile Hotspot

Mobile Hotspot

Step No Speed Throttling

No Speed Throttling

Step Data eSIM

Data eSIM


This data package works on UNLOCKED eSIM compatible devices.
It provides 5GB of data valid over 15 days.

Product Duration:

Packages will last the full validity period as specified above, unless all the data is used before then. Any unused data will expire after the validity period ends. This package must be activated within 60 days from purchase. Activation occurs when the eSIM is turned on within the country or region it was purchased for.