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eSIM India

Travel eSIMs for India are the most recommended alternative to roaming or normal SIM cards for accessing the internet quickly, easily, and affordably.

It is very important and necessary to have internet access during a visit to India, as it enables one to not only share photographs of the Taj Mahal with loved ones, but also to navigate the roads, locate restaurants, and obtain answers to any inquiries that may arise about the country.

Embedded SIM, or eSIM, refers to a SIM that is physically integrated into a smartphone. As opposed to conventional SIM cards, which necessitate replacement when travelling abroad, eSIMs can be installed on the fly.

It is an unwelcome experience when your data runs out during a trip, therefore, eSIMs that have sufficient data and can be topped up, like those from KnowRoaming,are the most suitable choice for worry-free travel to India.

In this article, we will inform you on how an eSIM works in India and how to activate eSIM India plans after you have purchased it.

How does an Indian eSIM work?

It is possible to store multiple network profiles on an eSIM, and it functions flawlessly globally. This is an excellent option for frequent travelers. eSIMs cannot get lost, compared to conventional SIM cards.

Ensure that your mobile device is eSIM-compatible prior to purchasing a package. You may choose an Indian-affiliated eSIM provider, like KnowRoaming, once you have confirmed that your phone is compatible.

It is recommended that you purchase a data plan before you travel to India. Use the QR code that will be displayed on the eSIM of your mobile device, to activate the plan. That is all. You may immediately begin using your web browsing or message a friend.

eSIMs offer numerous advantages, and the underlying technology is truly remarkable. It is adaptable, practical, effective, and environmentally sustainable; in other words, it decreases the necessity for plastic SIM cards.

How to activate your Indian eSIM?

Today, you connect to mobile networks in a whole new way, thanks to the simplicity of eSIM technology. Installing and activating an eSIM couldn't be easier. After purchasing an eSIM, you will receive detailed instructions on screen and via email.

You should be aware that an eSIM cannot be used on a network-locked phone, so it is important to unlock your phone before proceeding to purchase an eSIM.

After purchasing an eSIM from KnowRoaming for India, the installation and activation is an easy process.

To ensure a smooth setup process, we recommend installing your eSIM just before your departure, as installation requires a stable Internet connection, which might not be the case when you arrive in India.

After you have installed your eSIM in your home country, you can turn the eSIM off until you reach India. Activation of the package only occurs when you use your eSIM in India.

Scan the QR code on the checkout page or the confirmation email you received from KnowRoaming, and accept and continue all prompts.

When you arrive in India, follow these steps to activate your eSIM on your iOS or Android device:

On iOS devices

  • You need to first switch mobile data to your eSIM.
  • Go to Settings and tap on Mobile Data or Cellular Data.
  • On the Mobile Data page, tap on the Mobile Data option at the top.
  • Select your eSIM.
  • Turn on roaming for your eSIM.
  • On Android devices

  • Go to Settings on your phone.
  • Tap on Connections.
  • Tap on Sim Manager.
  • Tap on Mobile Data and set it to your eSIM.
  • When you arrive, go to Settings.
  • Tap on Connections.
  • Tap on Mobile Networks.
  • Turn on data roaming.
  • You are now ready to use the Indian eSIM to connect with family and friends and surf the internet.

    If you experience any problems when activating your eSIM from KnowRoaming, contact the support team immediately for assistance.

    Why Choose KnowRoaming?

    The eSIM plans from KnowRoaming ensure uninterrupted connectivity for you and your devices to over two hundred international locations. A singular global eSIM is sufficient for those who are traversing numerous countries or regions. The most significant benefit of using an eSIM is that you will no longer be required to pay costly roaming fees.

    eSIMs and their associated data packages vary in quality. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, KnowRoaming offers market-leading packages, is an innovator in resolving the connectivity issues of travelers.

    You will be connected to the local network as soon as you land at your destination via your eSIM, and you will have the convenience and dependability of fixed-rate data for the duration of your trip.

    Obtaining an eSIM through KnowRoaming is a straightforward procedure that can be completed in a few minutes, granting you the ability to chat, and browse the internet.

    KnowRoaming also offers excellent support. If you navigate to the website, clients will find answers to all the questions they might have about eSIM.

    Support is offered through the completion of an online form, WhatsApp, or live chat. Someone on the support team is always there to assist you.

    It is also easy to navigate on the webpage, and the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ cover most of the questions you might have about installation, troubleshooting, and some general questions and answers.