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What is an eSIM?

Not all eSIMS are created equal. KnowRoaming is the trailblazer in solving travelers' connectivity challenges, with over 15 years in the industry.

Why Use KnowRoaming?

If you're a traveler who values your time, money, and experiences, you need a smarter solution than 'old school' roaming. Say Yes to KnowRoaming and No to slow data speeds and lofty fees.


without exorbitant roaming charges.


Use your favorite apps and services on your smartphone or tablet, without worrying about running out of data.


without hunting for local SIM cards. We make it effortless, transparent and flexible, and 24/7/365 help is a call or message away.


thanks to our world-class global network. Get unparalleled connectivity and top coverage from 800+ mobile networks.

An Unmatched Global Footprint

Dive into the vastness of our eSIM solution with 800+ mobile networks across the globe, offering the most comprehensive international coverage. With KnowRoaming, the world is truly in your hands.

Can My Device Use eSIMs?

With our powerful array of over 800 integrated global networks, you are assured of world class connectivity, wherever you are, all at an amazing price.

Compatible Apple Devices

  • iPhone XR

  • iPhone XS, XS Max

  • iPhone 11 (all series)

  • iPhone SE 2

  • iPhone 12 (all series)

  • iPhone 13 (all series)

  • iPhone 14 (all series)

  • iPhone 15 (all series)

  • iPad Pro 11"

  • iPad Pro 11.9"

  • iPad Air

  • iPad Mini

  • Apple devices that are not eSIM compatible include:

  • Devices produced for Mainland Macao excluding the SE 2020, XS, 12 Mini and 13 Mini

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    Effortless Global Connectivity in 4 Easy Steps:

    Step 1. Choose Your Package

    1. Choose Your Package

    Based on where you’re going and your specific needs, get the ideal solution at transparent rates.

    Step 2. Scan The Code

    2. Scan The Code

    You’ll get a QR code after payment. Simply scan it with your smartphone or tablet to install your eSIM.

    Step 3. Switch To eSIM

    3. Switch To eSIM

    When you land in your destination, make your eSIM the primary data connection on your smartphone or tablet.

    Step 4. Connect To Network

    4. Connect To Network

    Enable roaming to join the local network and enjoy connected travel with 24/7/365 support available.

    Need help? Go to our SUPPORT page for FAQs and troubleshooting.

    Commonly Asked Questions:

    Additional Information

    What is an eSIM

    Top phone companies are gradually adopting eSIM, which simplifies adding a second line to your phone without going to a carrier store or changing carriers.

    The creation of eSIMs has revolutionized communications and technology. In return for more reasonable charges than data roaming fees, they let smartphone users who are traveling overseas stay online and surf the internet in their new country.

    But what is an eSIM?

    eSIMs are digital versions of conventional physical SIM cards. Both varieties share the common objective of linking the user to data services and a local phone number; yet, they differ fundamentally from each other, with virtual cards providing advantages that physical cards do not provide.

    By selecting the appropriate eSIM plan and configuring specific phone settings, you can activate virtual SIMs (known as eSIMs) on your smartphone. Utilizing an eSIM eliminates the need to insert physical SIM cards while traveling, negating the requirement for travelers to possess a device that supports two physical SIM cards and to manually switch between them.

    In addition, customers have the option to eliminate the need for several smartphones for each actual SIM card while traveling, thereby enhancing convenience and reducing stress during their journeys.

    You can buy eSIM plans from KnowRoaming for more than 200 locations.

    How Does an eSIM Work?

    If you're wondering how eSIMs work, they are integrated circuit chips embedded within specific devices. Once digitally downloaded, they empower users to seamlessly connect to wireless networks and access the internet.

    A smartphone or other wireless device is deemed to be eSIM-capable if it contains an integrated SIM. Put differently, not every device is compatible with this technology; so before purchasing an eSIM package, check whether or not your device supports eSIMs.

    On an eSIM-compatible smartphone, you can easily install an eSIM profile or package from operators like KnowRoaming and buy an e-SIM data plan as needed.

    Not every eSIM is made equally so choose carefully. Having been in the travel industry for more than 15 years, KnowRoaming is a forerunner in addressing connectivity issues for travelers. In more than 200 worldwide locations, KnowRoaming eSIM plans provide smooth connectivity for you and your devices.

    What are the Benefits of eSIMs?

    Caters for all your needs

    The best eSIM providers, such as KnowRoaming, provide eSIMs with all travelers’ needs in mind. Whether traveling to Australia, Europe, the Middle East, or Africa, you can find the ideal eSIM data plan from KnowRoaming, as their offered packages cover over 200 countries, ensuring travelers have internet connectivity and a local phone number wherever they are.

    eSIM packages from KnowRoaming also vary in the validity period, offering you a wide range of options whether your travels last for a week or 30 days. These packages also differ in data allowance, ranging from 3 GB to 10 GB.

    Environmentally friendly

    eSIMs are greener than real SIM cards, as manufacturers use less metal and plastic when embedding eSIMs into devices than when creating and distributing traditional cards. When consumers switch carriers or cellphone plans, they don't need to trash reprogrammable eSIMs. Reduced technological trash helps the environment and cuts individual carbon footprints.

    Improved privacy and security

    As with any new technology, eSIMs raise privacy and security issues. However, eSIMs improve both.

    eSIMs can activate and manage mobile subscriptions remotely. The risk of tampering and unauthorized access to sensitive data during activation is minimised.

    eSIMs store user profiles and credentials in an encrypted region of the device to prevent hacking, data theft, and unauthorized access.

    With no physical SIM card to steal, clone, or manipulate, users' privacy and security increase.

    Easy activation

    To activate the eSIM, you must download a package and scan a QR code. After downloading, the user must change some phone settings to enjoy eSIMs benefits anywhere.

    How eSIMs can be Used

    If you are a frequent traveler who moves for extended periods of time between countries, or if you are a business traveler who travels for work, eSIMs are the solution to staying connected.

    The most important steps are to select a reliable service provider, such as KnowRoaming, examine their data rates, and determine a validity period that works for your journey.

    Additionally, if you're traveling across several borders in a single area, it can be worthwhile to look into regional plans that will keep you connected.

    How to Check if a Device is eSIM Compatible:

    Most phones manufactured after 2018 are eSIM-compatible. Let’s examine whether your smartphone is eSIM compatible.

    Is my iPhone eSIM compatible?

    Follow these steps to see if your iPhone is network-unlocked and eSIM-compatible:

    Go to Settings > General > About.

    Scroll down to view the Carrier Lock section.

    If your device is unlocked, it will show "No SIM restrictions".

    Scroll down to Available SIM or Digital SIM (depending on your iOS version).

    If your phone supports eSIMs, it will show a 15-digit IMEI number.

    Is my Android eSIM compatible?

    Many of the latest Android devices support eSIM technology. The model, where it's manufactured, and what carrier you use will determine this.

    The best way to determine if your Android is eSIM-compatible is to check with the manufacturer, reseller, or network provider.

    You can also check if your phone has an EID (Embedded Identity Document Number) by dialing *#06# and pressing call. If your device is eSIM-compatible, you'll be able to view your EID number.