8 Must-try Dishes for a Culinary Enthusiast in India

March 13, 2024

Best Indian dishes for culinary enthusiasts

Diversity and expansiveness characterize India. With each state's distinct culinary history, it showcases a diverse array of cultures and traditions. Local Indian cuisine is the beating heart of the nation. The country's cultural mix is reflected in its rich array. Each state reveals a plethora of regional specialties. Traditional Indian cuisine offers a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes, from fragrant biryanis to flavorful curries. Whether you prefer your food on the hot or mild side, Indian cuisine has something for you. Here, old and new flavors blend in perfect harmony, and spices reign supreme. Let’s go on a culinary adventure exploring the most popular dishes in India.

The most popular traditional Indian dishes

The greatest Indian cuisine, according to foodies, is a medley of flavors and spices. Everyone can find their perfect dish, from the aromatic biryani to the rich and velvety butter chicken. The tangy and savory paneer tikka and the cozy and substantial chana masala are vegetarian options that you must try. And we mustn't overlook the exquisite array of breads, including roti and naan, ideal for soaking up all those mouth-watering gravies and sauces.

Vegetable samosas, a flaky pastry stuffed with spicy mixed vegetables, are among the most beloved traditional foods. Other popular recipes include mixed vegetables, lamb curry, and butter chicken, which is a famous North Indian dish. Butter chicken is a rich and delicately spiced chicken dish made with tomato puree and cream, whereas lamb curry is a succulent stew of lamb cooked in a flavorful curry sauce. Both beef vindaloo and fish curry are popular dishes in Indian cuisine. Beef vindaloo is spicy and acidic, and fish curry is aromatic and tasty, cooked in a curry sauce that is rich and flavorful.

Butter Chicken

North Indian cuisine, more specifically Punjabi, is known for its culinary marvels, one of which is butter chicken. The dish showcases juicy chicken breasts cooked in a rich curry sauce that combines savory and acidic flavors in perfect harmony. Butter chicken is the epitome of decadence, and it goes wonderfully with airy naan bread or fragrant rice. In the world of regional Indian cuisine, this dish has become famous. If you're interested in trying some delicious local Indian food, you have to try butter chicken.

Lamb Curry

Many countries in South Asia and the Middle East enjoy lamb curry. This rich and savory curry sauce is made by slow-cooking pieces of delicate lamb in a fragrant and flavorful spice blend. Cumin, coriander, turmeric, garam masala, and chili powder are some of the spices that are essential to a delicious lamb curry. The curry sauce is meant to soak into the starch, making for a lovely texture and flavor combination when eaten with rice or naan bread. Lamb curry, with its robust flavor and comforting aroma, is a popular dish all across the globe.

Vada pav

A proud emblem of local Indian culinary tradition, vada pav is a classic Maharashtrian treat. On each given corner in Maharashtra, you can find it. A tasty potato patty (vada) is sandwiched between two tender bread rolls (pav) in this flavorful snack. With some tangy chutneys and some green chilies on the side, vada pav reaches its culinary peak.

Its ideal combination of spices and textures makes it a favorite among those who enjoy street food. Because of this, it is an absolute must-try for foodies venturing into the varied and tasty realm of Indian street cuisine.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken tikka masala is a crowd-pleaser thanks to its grilled, spice-marinated pieces and luscious tomato sauce. This dish's bright orange hue, robust flavor, and origins in British Indian cuisine have made it famous. Before being grilled to perfection, the chicken is usually marinated in a yogurt combination with a variety of spices, including cumin, coriander, and garam masala. Tomatoes, cream, and a plethora of aromatic spices come together to make this sauce, which is both creamy and acidic. Many people love Chicken Tikka Masala because of its robust and flavorful flavors, which go well with rice or naan bread.


When it comes to Indian food, biryani is a culinary miracle. The fragrant charm and mouth-watering flavors of this magnificent dish enchant. Flavorful spices, rice, and meat (chicken, mutton, or fish) come together in this aromatic stew. Careful, slow cooking and a masterful combination of spices guarantee that every mouthful will be a treat. Biryani takes on a different form in different parts of the world. The end result is a wide variety of options to suit various tastes. Biryani is one of those rare dishes that stays in your memory because of the amazing flavor it imparts.

Masala Dosa

The southern Indian region is known for its culinary prowess, and Masala Dosa is a dish that demonstrates that ability. The delicate rice and lentil pancake is expertly filled with a spicy potato filling, resulting in a symphony of flavors and textures. Enjoy a wonderful and satisfying experience with Masala Dosa, coconut chutney, and sambar. Thanks to its one-of-a-kind flavor and the skill needed to prepare it, it is beloved by gourmets all over the globe.


Samosas, crispy, golden pastries filled with spicy potatoes, peas, and sometimes meat, are a popular Indian snack. The crispy, flaky outer pastry is made of all-purpose flour and ghee. Cumin, coriander, and garam masala give the filling a rich, aromatic flavor. Samosas are a timeless favorite that never disappoints as a snack or supper.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamun is a popular dessert served during festivals. A sweet and fragrant syrup flavors these soft and succulent deep-fried dough balls. Warm, syrupy Gulab Jamun with a melt-in-your-mouth texture is enticing. It is made with milk solids, flour, and cardamom, fried till golden brown, and soaked in rose water and saffron sugar syrup. The dessert is rich, indulgent, and flavorful. Gulab Jamun, alone or with ice cream, will satisfy any sweet tooth.

The many different traditional cooking methods that have been handed down through the decades are what make Indian food so special. Traditional tandoori cooking uses a combination of spices and yogurt to marinade meat and vegetables before being grilled in a clay oven. Slow cooking in a covered pot is another common method, and it produces a delicious, aromatic meal because the flavors combine.

Grilling, steaming, and frying are also common cooking techniques in Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine is one of the world's most varied and delectable cuisines since each technique adds unique textures and flavors to the food.

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